Tips for Planning a Budget Trip to Melbourne

Travelling to Australia is undoubtedly a costly proposition. Popularly known as the culture capital of Australia, Melbourne is a city of art, music and life. It is the second largest city in Australia and is built near the mighty Yarra river. The city boasts of its amazing sporting, crowd alluring events and striking floral displays. Owing to its great collection of vintage clothing and nightlife in bars and jazz venues, Melbourne has earned the title of trend-setter in Australia. It is an ideal destination for a thrifty explorer in Australia. Even if you are on a low budget, the city can offer you with the best of things you might have ever imagined.

Getting Around

The biggest expense of a Melbourne trip is getting there. The airfare will account for a major proportion of your budget. Australian summers attract the maximum amount of travelers so avoid planning your trip during this time i.e. from December to February. This will bring down your travelling outlay by a considerable number. Public transport is cheaper in Melbourne so prefer using a Tourist Shuttle than those expensive taxis to roam in and around the city. It makes a one and a half hour trip around all the major tourist attractions like Chinatown and The Shrine of Remembrance. A city circle tram offers free transport with a frequency of every 12 minutes.

Eating at Affordable Prices

Local markets of Melbourne are known to have fresh foods. Queen Victoria Markets located at the corner of Elizabeth and Victoria, Prahran market and South Melbourne Market offer you the best food deals at nominal rates. They have a clean supply chain of food items like bread, dips, cheese, olives, meats and fruits. If you are on a shoestring budget, self-catering is the way for you.

Finding a Stay

When it comes to accommodation, you have an endless list of choices. Hotels in Melbourne cover an entire range from skyscrapers to sea sided built guest houses and low rise apartments and complexes. CBD (Central Business District) has some of the city’s most prestigious hotels with spectacular views. In addition, Docklands and Carlton districts located centrally have a fine number of hotels and draw many visitors. Apartments are more affordable in comparison to hotels with the benefit of kitchen and laundry. As a word of advice, look for hotels near the airport. They will cost you much less than those sits in the heart of the city and will also allow an easy access in and out of Melbourne.

Major Attractions

Melbourne gives you an opportunity to explore hundreds of things without upsetting your budget. It is a city of museums, art galleries and exhibitions. You can walk along the sandy beaches, lighten up in the naturally beautiful parks or listen to some live music and entertain yourself. Hanging at the Federation Square is another budgetary idea. It is a hub for everyday social activities involving the passersby. The laneways are artistically stenciled, posters and spray painted. If you are a tech nerd, do visit the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. Melbourne also has some great picnic outdoors such as the St. Kilda beach and the Botanical gardens to enjoy the serenity. If in Melbourne and looking for an affordable but quality boutique accommodation melbourne, contact Hotel Charsfield to make a booking.