Effectual tips on how to clean home curtains

Are you looking for the efficient ways to safely and securely clean the curtains? Then you have come to the right place. It is a well known fact that curtains are the most crucial aspect of any room, adding credit to the elegance of the entire home. You would have spend several hours in choosing curtains in the right style, color and design which ideally suits the d├ęcor of your home. So, it is your onus to clean and maintain them in the best possible manner.


It is extremely essential to take care of the curtains so that your home looks welcoming and beautiful. One of the best ways to maintain their attractive look is to dust them regularly. You must vacuum the curtains at least once a week using upholstery attachments. However, vacuuming the light and delicate curtains may damage them and so, you can give them a shake for dislodging the dust particles.

Handling delicate fabrics:

Delicate or lace curtains may get damage when you wash them in the machine. Rather, you can opt for either of the two options to clean those delicate fabrics. You can either simply hand wash them to prevent fraying the material or use washing machine by sealing the curtains within the mesh bag for protecting them from serious damages.

Machine washing:

It is a must to check the instruction and care label on the curtains before washing them. Most people tend to wash the curtains in their preferred way without following the instruction. When you wash curtains, it is important to ensure the suitability of the detergent used.

It is better to test the small patch of the drape using a mixture of laundry detergent and water. Almost all washable curtains must be cleaned using gentle determine and cold water. You need to make sure that you have removed all the metal hooks and fittings before washing the curtains. Using clothes dryer will do magic when used appropriately.

Hand washing:

Unluckily, you cannot clean all the curtains with the help of washing machine. If you have curtains made of delicate fabrics, you should wash them only by hands. Of course, you must use only gentle detergent powder which does not contain any bleaching agents. Using only cool water is highly recommended for cleaning delicate curtains. You should fully dissolve the detergent before soaking the curtains in the water. Then you can leave the curtain soaked for three to four hours.

The best washing method is to gently drain the water from the curtains without applying any pressure. You can also give a look at the instructions to be followed for cleaning the curtains on the care label. After washing, your curtains may have a bit of wrinkles but you can get rid of them by ironing at the very low temperature. Once you have ironed and dried the curtains, you can hang them at the window.

Dry cleaning:

Specific curtains cannot be hand washed or machine washed. They can be subjected only to dry cleaning that must be carried as per the instruction stated. If you do not follow the instruction properly, then your curtains are at the risk. You can take the assistance of a professional dry cleaning company which has in-depth knowledge on the delicacy on the curtains. Getting suggestions from the professionals is important to prevent anything from going wrong.

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