Differences between Ethernet Cables

There are so many ethernet wires out there that many people lose track of which one is better and what are the differences. The three most popular cables include the Cat 5, Cat 5E ad the Cat 6. While they might all look the same on the outside with their pretty colours, it is what is inside that counts. Each cable is different and has an affect on the speed of your home network. So are the differences between these popular ethernet cables? Well below are some insights from Rutherford Electrical – an  Electrical contractor in Geelong – Australia.

The Cat 5.
This is an old network cable and was made to support speeds of 10Mhps to 100Mbps. A shorter length cable might have brought faster speed, but there was no guarantee with this particular cable. You’ll be hard pressed to find them in stores anymore and the likelihood is that it was probably your first ethernet cable. ‘

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The Cat 5E.
Obviously, an upgrade on the Cat 5 cable model. This particular cable was made to support gigabit speeds (up to 100Mbps) and has less interference that you get between wires inside the cable. Basically the Cat 5E is an upgrade on its older big brother model; guaranteeing faster and more reliable home network speeds. The most common ethernet cable in Australia and can be found in stores across the country.

The Cat 6.
The latest model and naturally the one with the most improvements on its previous models. This cable model is set to be capable of 10-gigabit speeds, depending on the quality of your internet speed. There are hardly any interference problems – thanks to its massive improvements with the internal wires – and it makes a smooth and easy transition. If you are looking to vastly improve the speed of your home network, then heading out to the purchase the Cat 6 is the best deal. In the long run, it is worth it.

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